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The course “Cyber Law 101 for Cybersecurity Professionals” breaks down the duties required of lawyers to meet their technical competency obligations. Throughout this course, you can expect to gain an understanding of cyber law, patent law, eDiscovery and software.

Cyber Law is the part of the legal system related to information gathering and supervises the circulation of data. It is a quickly evolving area of civil and criminal law as use of technology grows. In short, Cyber law regulates how people use the internet, especially in cases of fraud or infringement.

As technology develops, lawyers are increasingly expected to use technological solutions for cases. Law firms must ensure that their teams are adequately understand Cyber Law and the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information to adequately be prepared.

Experts will educate participants on how lawyers maintain a duty of competence while remaining current and up to date on technology. While giving alternative legal perspective on Cyber Law and ethics.

Lessons in this Cyber Law Course:

  • Understanding Patent Law and Software 
  • What Lawyers Must Know about Technology to Avoid Losing Clients
  • The Court’s Perspective on ESI and eDiscovery 
  • A Guide to eDiscovery in AI
  • Legal Ethics for Digital Technology
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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • Course Certificate