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Today, organizations across all industries increasingly understand the value of implementing rigorous cybersecurity measures to protect their digital networks and systems. Nonetheless, malicious threat actors are persistent, and data breaches are an eventuality that most businesses should now expect. Yet data breaches do occur, they can be especially contentious, as intellectual property theft or the exposure of personal records can cause financial and reputational damages, often leading to legal action by affected parties, such as customers. In the face of these disputes, mediation can play a crucial role in streamlining their resolution, providing a neutral, nonbinding forum for discussion and negotiation. Trained mediators with expertise in the subject matter can help parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution more efficiently, avoiding the cost and the uncertain time commitment of litigation. Mediation also offers more confidentiality, greater control over the outcome, and the potential to better preserve business relationships.  

  • This seminar will give attorneys insight into mediating data breaches and strategies for achieving the best possible outcomes and client satisfaction. It will also be an opportunity to better understand what motivates data breaches and their potential fallout, as well as to explore alternative dispute resolution as a complement to litigation. 

In this online seminar, our expert panelists begin by reviewing the process of mediation and what it entails. Next our speakers provide an overview of the current data breach threat landscape as well as the information targeted in data breaches and the methods of conducting these attacks. Our speakers then present some of the key attributes of mediating data breach disputes and the factors to consider when choosing whether to mediate these conflicts. Finally, our experts provide insight into the role of the mediator and the key elements for choosing an effective mediator and form of mediation. 

Featured Speakers:

  • Daniel B. Garrie, Esq., Founder, Law and Forensics; Neutral, JAMS; Faculty, Harvard
  • ​Hon. Moshe Jacobius, Neutral, JAMS​
  • Steve Raptis, Attorney, Reed Smith
  • Hon. James Orenstein, Neutral, JAMS
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