Our Mission is to bridge the knowledge gap between law and technology professionals by educating attorneys on technology to attorneys and technology executives on its laws and regulations 

Legal Cyber Academy provides a comprehensive tool and evolving knowledge base through exclusive insights from world class cybersecurity, privacy, web 3.0, forensic, and e-discovery legal and technical practitioners. 

Earn CLE, CPE, and CE credits. (Refunds are available if you do not receive credit) 

At Legal Cyber Academy We recognize that technology, the cybersecurity threats it faces, and relevant laws and regulation are rapidly evolving, presenting unique challenges and opportunities. Our platform is dedicated to empowering legal professionals with the skills and understanding necessary to navigate the complex landscape of technology in their field, enabling them to effectively advise clients, draft contracts, and navigate legal implications in a technology-driven world. 

Simultaneously, we strive to equip technology professionals with the legal knowledge they need to make informed decisions, ensure compliance with regulations, and limit liability. By fostering a deep understanding of legal frameworks, we hope to support technology professionals in creating innovative, compliant, and socially conscious technological advancements. 

Join us in our mission to reshape the way legal professionals and technology experts understand and interact with each other in a rapidly changing technical and legal landscape. Together, they will mitigate risk better, ensure compliance, and actively shape the future of technology and its accompanying laws. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reset My Password if Locked Out
    1. Under Sign-In > Forgot Password > Enter Email Address Associated with Account > Check Your Inbox! 
    2. *Please check your spam mailbox* 
I have been charged twice

Were sorry! Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@legalcyberacademy.com or place a support request through our contact us page.

I can't find my activation code to log in

Were sorry! Please check your spam or junk folder. If the issue persists, please get in touch with us at info@legalcyberacademy.com 

How can I apply for CLE Credit?
    1. In 5 easy steps! 1. Students enroll in our course, 2. Complete all video-based lessons, 3. Review additional reading materials, 4. Receive their certificate of completion from Legal Cyber Academy, 5. Submit the course to your state bar. 
    2. Please ensure all course sections are completed to receive your certificate. 
    3. How to Claim CLE Credits Per State – The Knowledge Group (knowledgewebcasts.com) 
What counts for CLE Credit?

Each hour of lesson material is entitled to credit.  

How can I apply to become a Lecturer?

Thank you for being so interested in partnering with Legal Cyber Academy! We are always looking for new speakers and professionals to join our community. Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@legalcyberacademy.com with your resume and any supporting materials related to the field you are interested in speaking about.