Across the Pond: ​AI Regulatory Efforts in the U.S. and the E.U.

· October 24, 2023
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This past year has been characterized by a sharp rise in the interest and awareness of artificial intelligence, largely engendered by popular generative AI services. As this technology increasingly permeates daily life across a spectrum of existing and developing functions, from voice assistants to text generation to autonomous vehicles, governments worldwide are beginning to establish the regulatory framework that will shape AI use and address its dangers and ethical concerns. The United States and the European Union are two major powers in the process of creating such guardrails for the technology, with somewhat distinct priorities. While the US is focused on fostering innovation, the EU is adopting a more stringent approach, emphasizing AI’s ethical implications and promoting transparency. These differing strategies reflect the evolving landscape of AI governance, sparking a conversation on how best to harness the potential of AI while safeguarding against its risks. This seminar is a unique opportunity for attorneys, technology leaders, and senior executives to gain valuable insights into the regulation of this rapidly developing field from the perspective of industry leaders.  

What You Will Learn From the Seminar 

In this seminar, our AI legal and technical experts begin by giving an overview of artificial intelligence, and generative AI in particular, highlighting the current interest by both regulators and industry leaders in establishing governing frameworks for the technology. Our panelists review the state of these efforts in the United States, noting the current piecemeal approach by state and federal regulators. The speakers then review the European Union’s proposed Artificial Intelligence Act, which categorizes AI technologies by risk level and governs their use accordingly. Finally, our speakers compare and contrast the US and EU approaches, noting some of their diverging priorities and potential implications for the technology’s use. 

Topics covered in this webinar include: 

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence and the Need for its Regulation  
  • State of AI Regulation in the U.S.  
  • State of AI Regulation in the E.U.  
  • Alignment and Potential Conflict of U.S. and E.U. AI Regulatory Efforts 

Who Should Take the Seminar 

This seminar is a must for lawyers seeking learn about the current AI regulatory landscape or gain specialized knowledge in AI law, tech executives aiming to understand regulatory risks and opportunities, and anyone intrigued by the legal implications of AI’s unstoppable march. Embrace the future of law with “Across the Pond: AI Regulatory Efforts in the U.S. and the E.U.” 

Featured Speakers:

  • Daniel B. Garrie, Esq., Founder at Law & Forensics; Neutral at JAMS; and Faculty at Harvard
  • Daniel Dobrygowski, Head of Governance and Trust, World Economic Forum; Faculty, Columbia
  • Karen Silverman, CEO and Founder, The Cantellus Group
  • Saxon Knight, Head of Strategy & Partnerships, Reality Defender: Founder, House of Saxon
  • Amit Elazari, Co-Founder & CEO, OpenPolicy
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