ADR and Mediation 

· March 30, 2023
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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), as the name suggests, provides an alternative to filing a lawsuit and going to court. Unlike litigation, the traditional method for resolving legal disputes, arbitration, mediation, and similar alternatives provide a streamlined and cost-conscious option to deal with a legal issue. In recent years, the increase in remote work and the use of personal devices, among other factors, has dramatically heightened the cyber threat landscape. Organizations today of all shapes and sizes are being targeted, resulting in data breach class actions and cyber insurance policy disputes, among other issues. Understanding the benefits of litigation alternatives  

  • Technologists: As technologists continue to develop their businesses’ products, offerings, and cybersecurity risk management, they will find it essential to have the language to mediate their knowledge of the technology and the facts with how they will translate ina conflict and to be able to advise counsel on whether ADR is more appropriate for the context. 
  • Attorneys: Attorneys advising businesses today not only need to understand the cybersecurity risks involved, but also how the legal fallout of a cyber incident can be resolved in a more streamlined and cost-effective way through ADR. 
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