Attorney Rulebook for Working with Special Masters in Federal Court 

· May 18, 2023
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In complex litigations, a Special Master can be appointed to assist the court with expertise in specific technical matters and areas of the law, such as antitrust, cybersecurity, intellectual property or environmental law. Special Masters can also help resolve disputes or provide recommendations and impartial opinions on issues relating to the case. Attorneys can benefit from working with special masters, both in their capacity to handle certain aspects of the case, such as discovery or settlement negotiations, and in their knowledge and expertise.  

  • Attorneys will find that this course provides them with an understanding of the role of Special Masters, their capabilities, and how to best interact with them. This will be a useful tool for litigations in federal court that can enable attorneys to streamline the process and produce better outcomes for their clients 

In this CLE webinar, our expert panelists begin by giving an overview of the role and types of special masters, as well as detailing the advantages of appointing a special master. Next, they discuss the applicable rules for the appointment of special masters and the scope of their authority. Our speakers then review the 2019 ABA Guidelines for the Appointment and Use of Special Masters in Federal and State Civil Litigation, concluding with the 5 commandments for attorneys to succeed when working with special masters in federal court. 

Topics covered in this webinar:  

  1. Introduction to Special Masters   
  1. Special Masters in Federal Courts: The Applicable Rules  
  1. The 2019 ABA Guidelines for the Appointment and Use of Special Masters in Federal and State Civil Litigation  
  1. 5 Commandments for Lawyers Working with Special Masters in Federal Court 


Daniel B. Garrie, Esq. – Founder, Law & Forensics; Neutral, JAMS; Faculty, Harvard
Katherine Charonko – Partner, Bailey & Glasser LLP

Leslie Kroeger – Partner, Cohen Milstein
Paul Kiesel – Partner, Kiesel Law LLP.

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