Cyber Incident Response: The Handbook for Boards and their Counsel 

· May 18, 2023
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Data breaches and ransomware attacks have become increasingly common as organizations depend on technology to communicate and store data, while many employees now work remotely. These cyber incidents can result in significant legal, financial, and reputational consequences for organizations. In this course, leading voices in cybersecurity insurance, critical infrastructure, and risk assessment review cyber incident response from the legal perspective. 

  • For attorneys,  understanding cyber incident response enables them to assist their clients in developing and implementing effective mitigative strategies as well as incident response plans, comply with data breach notification laws, and minimize the legal and financial risks associated with cyber incidents. Counsel advising businesses or managing law firms will find this strategic and legal understanding of cybersecurity essential to their practice in today’s cyber landscape. 
  • For technology executives, this seminar will be a valuable tool to understand the legal and insurance ramifications of cybersecurity incident response, review the regulatory requirements to consider, as well as complete their risk management strategy. 

In this online seminar, our expert speakers begin by discussing the current cyber risk landscape and introducing the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Our panelists then delve into the role of attorneys for their organization’s cyber risk management and incident response. Our speakers then review recent regulatory guidance and requirements by the SEC and FTC. Finally, our experts discuss the function and process of cyber risk assessments to mitigate cyber-attacks and conclude by discussing recent relevant case law. 

Topics covered in this webinar:    

  1. Cyber Risk Landscape 
  1. Attorney Role in Cyber Risk Management and Incident Response 
  1. Regulatory Guidance and Requirements: SEC & FTC 
  1. Prevention Over Cure: Cyber Risk Assessment  


Daniel B. Garrie, Esq. – Founder, Law & Forensics; Neutral, JAMS; Faculty, Harvard
Gwenn Cujdik – Manager – North America Cyber Incident Response Team, AXA XL, a division of AXA

James Blair – Head of Digital/CISO, Todd Energy

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