Introduction to Utility Tokens and Initial Coin Offerings for Lawyers

· July 3, 2023
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What is a utility token? What are initial coin offerings (ICOs)? While digital currencies and the blockchain may have initially seemed like a novelty, in 2023, real money is at stake, and regulators are not accepting ignorance of the subject as an excuse for erroneous counsel.  

  • Attorneys will find this discussion of the technology by legal and technical experts and an accessible brief on utility tokens and ICOs, as well as their legal implications as securities and the SEC’s role in governing them.  
  • Technologists looking to better understand the legal and regulatory landscape, including potential risks for ICOs and utility tokens, will find this primer on this subject a useful tool. 

In this seminar, our expert panelists give an overview of ICOs and highlight their risks to organizers and buyers. They then break down the different attributes of ICOs and review what utility tokens are, reviewing how they differ from cryptocurrencies and security tokens. Our speakers conclude by reviewing SEC securities enforcement for ICOs and utility tokens, its framework for identifying tokens as securities, and counsels’ role in this equation. 

Topics covered in this webinar:    

  1. Overview of Initial Coin Offerings  
  1. Attributes of Initial Coin Offerings  
  1. Review of Utility Tokens  
  1. SEC, Utility Tokens, and ICOs 

Featured Speakers:

Daniel B. Garrie, Esq. – Founder, Law & Forensics; Neutral, JAMS; Faculty, Harvard

David A. Cass – Senior Partner, Law & Forensics Adjunct Faculty Harvard & Rutgers Law

Tiffany Smith – Partner, WilmerHale

Josh Lawler – Partner, Zuber Lawle

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