New Rules of the Game: Understanding Executive Orders on Cybersecurity in 2023 

· June 2, 2023
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When President Obama signed the first executive order on cybersecurity in February 2013, the country was becoming increasingly reliant on technology and the internet to conduct business and private life. Today, it is a relationship of total dependence, with the line between virtual and real or in-person being increasingly blurred. Executive orders on cybersecurity have served to provide direction from the President to federal agencies to improve the nation’s cybersecurity posture. These orders have been used to promote information sharing, enhance incident response capabilities, and establish standards for federal systems and networks. In recent years, executive orders have also focused on strengthening supply chain security, promoting the adoption of security best practices in the private sector, and improving the cybersecurity workforce. Finally, these executive orders have set the tone for the nation’s cybersecurity risk management and served as a model for state and local governments, as well as the private sector. As cybersecurity regulator risk and enforcement continue to increase,  

  • Attorneys advising businesses will find this overview of the nation’s executive orders on cybersecurity a useful tool in their practice. 
  • Technology professionals: This class provides a deep dive into cybersecurity regulatory trends from the executive branch and what developments to expect. It can serve to highlight compliance best practices as well as opportunities for private-public partnerships. 

In this seminar, our expert panelists begin by giving an overview of executive orders and presidential directives, reflecting on the current role of executive orders on cybersecurity, a decade after the first one. Next, our speakers highlight some of these key executive orders on cybersecurity from the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations. Finally, our experts conclude by discussing the ways that these executive orders affect businesses and their counsel. 

Topics covered in this webinar:    

  1. Introduction to Executive Orders and Presidential Directives 
  1. Obama Administration 
  1. Trump Administration 
  1. Biden Administration 
  1. Why Cybersecurity Executive Orders Matter to Attorneys and Their Clients  


Daniel B. Garrie, Esq. – Founder, Law & Forensics; Neutral, JAMS; Faculty, Harvard
Steven Chabinsky – President, Cyversant

Dan Queen – Partner, Mayer Brown
Cory Simpson – Founder and CEO, Gray Space Strategies

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