On the Money: Central Bank Digital Currency Explained 

· May 30, 2023
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A central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a digital form of a nation’s fiat currency, issued and regulated by its central bank. Since these digital currencies are regulated by a central authority, they are generally perceived as more stable and secure than cryptocurrencies. CBDCs are an emerging element of the domestic and international financial landscape that is being introduced through varying models, creating new legal and regulatory questions about their issuance and use.  

  • Attorneys today will find this primer on CBDC and a helpful guide to understanding the technology and keeping up to date with the private, anti-money laundering, and consumer protection issues that it provokes. 
  • Technology professionals: This course is an ideal resource for technology professionals looking to better understand CBDCs and fiat currencies or tailor their knowledge through insights from former regulators or leading professionals in the finance and legal industry. 

In this seminar, our expert panelists begin by providing an overview of central banking and its goals, fiat currency, and the relationship between central banks and commercial banks. Next, our speakers review the fundamentals of modern payment systems and their ‘paint points.’ Our experts briefly review stablecoins and tokenization, before highlighting some central bank initiatives across the globe and their key design considerations. Finally, our speakers conclude with the challenges, uncertainties, and key takeaways of central bank digital currencies. 

Topics covered in this webinar:    

  1. Overview of Central Banking & Fiat Currency  
  1. Payment Systems  
  1. Stablecoins & Tokenization  
  1. Central Bank Initiatives  
  1. Central Bank Digital Currency Opportunities & Challenges  


Daniel B. Garrie, Esq. – Founder, Law & Forensics; Neutral, JAMS; Faculty, Harvard
David A. Cass – Senior Partner at Law & Forensics; Adjunct Faculty Harvard & Rutgers Law
Joshua Ashley Klayman – U.S. Head of Fintech and Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets, New York, Linklaters

Paul McCulloch – Managing Partner, NYC CyberLaw Group, PLLC
Chip Poncy – Partner and Global Co-Head Financial Crimes Risk Management, K2 Integrity

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