The Art of Cyberwar: Attorney Guide to Cyberwar 

· June 16, 2023
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The world’s continuously rising dependence on digital technologies and the internet has created an opportunity for threat actors to exploit, disrupt, and manipulate their targets regardless of location or size. These practices are increasingly used in conflicts between nation-states, particularly in combination with kinetic warfare. Due to the relatively low barrier to entry, states with traditionally weaker economic or military capacities can cause significant harm to otherwise stronger adversaries and level the playing field. The more technologically advanced and dependent a state is, the more vulnerable it is to cyber threats from foreign actors. As cyber warfare, and more commonly hybrid warfare, becomes a key national security concern, corporations that operate under the critical infrastructure designation must be prepared to be targeted or face the potential fallout of cyber warfare. Equally, as war exclusions on insurance policies are considered and debated following cyber-attacks, understanding the status of domestic and international law on cyber warfare is critical for counsel to assess clients’ operational risks, as well as their privacy or intellectual property vulnerabilities. This course is particularly relevant for attorneys who work with clients in the technology, defense, and national security sectors, but is also valuable for any attorney looking to expand their knowledge in this fast-evolving area of the law. 

In this CLE webinar, our expert panelists present the state of cyber warfare and cybersecurity today, including the threat landscape, key industries at risk, and the Russia-Ukraine war. Next, our speakers present a primer on the applicable international and domestic law for cyber warfare and hybrid conflicts, highlighting some of its challenges. Our speakers then contextualize the significance of cyberwar for insurance policies and the questions currently being answered in the courtroom. Finally, our speakers discuss some of the legal implications of cyber war for corporations and give some  

Topics covered in this webinar:    

  1. Cyber Warfare and Cybersecurity Today  
  1. Primer on International and National Security Cyber Law  
  1. Cyberwar and Insurance Policies  
  1. Legal Implications of Cyberwar for Attorneys and Their Clients.


Daniel B. Garrie, Esq., Founder, Law & Forensics; Neutral, JAMS; Adjunct, Harvard​
Dr. Scott Shackelford, Professor, Kelly School of Business, Indiana University​

Cpt. Michael Marchman, Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy West Point​

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